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Big companies have big consultants, either on contract or on staff, to help them analyze their business opportunities and develop plans to exploit them.  They then create the tactical implementation tools and materials and provide the training to make it all happen. Entrepreneurial and small businesses have neither the resources to contract with the big consulting firms nor the need for a full time ongoing staff to perform these functions. Yet their need for these services is just as great. Perhaps greater.


This is where Shirt Sleeve Solutions comes in. With over thirty years of business and information systems analysis experience, we work with the entrepreneur and small business to provide the same professional services large consulting firms do but, because of our low overhead model, do so at an affordable rate.


You are busy creating and establishing your business. In doing so you are probably working with professionals such as accountants, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents and any number of suppliers. Each one of these brings an expertise to your organization that you need but aren't going to develop yourself. Business and information systems analysis, design and deployment is no different. There are specific disciplines that can help cut through the clutter and confusion, quickly focusing you on the true opportunity you went into business to take advantage of in the first place.


Have a close look at the specific Services we offer and then Contact Us. Let's get the conversation stated.


While based in Atlanta, Georgia, we are quite comfortable in the distributed, on-line environment, having used it since its inception. We would love to work with entrepreneurs and small business in the virtual world.

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To schedule an appointment or find out more about the services we offer, please call us at (404)788-3379 or send us an email.


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Earnest Creativity forms Shirt Sleeve Solutions

In order to focus on the business and systems analysis needs of the entrepreneur and small business, Earnest Creativity, LLC has creates Shirt Sleeve Solutions, a branded service.

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