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We offer a full range of business and information consulting services not otherwise available to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Some of our important practice areas include;

Businss Analysis


 You probably know what your business needs are.  We can help you analyze these needs, on both the strategic and tactical level, to determine actionable solutions and take advantage of the opportunities you see in your market place.

The most common, but not exclusive, tools we use to do this are;

Business Rules Analysis, which takes a close look at the technical, practical and legal aspects of what it takes to deliver your products or services.  Often this can also reveal unnecessary or inefficient work being done as well as holes in the process that need to be filled.


SWOT, which looks at your internal Strengths and Weaknesses as well as your external Opportunities and Threats.

Exercises like these will lead us to engineering a Business Process Map and a  Business Process Improvement Plan which can be swiftly implemented to move your sales and services forward.

Operations Planing and Implementation


Having a strategy, even a plan, is one thing. Putting it in operation is quite another. We can help develop tools and materials to put your business into the hands of your employees and customers.

Deliverables may include, Procedure Analysis and Instruction, Owner/Instruction Manuals, Training and Training Manuals, Communication Procedures, Recordkeeping Procedures, Customer Feedback and Opinion Surveys, etc.


Agile - It's Not Just For developers Anymore



Small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises neither need nor can support the heavy overhead of most project management systems but they, none the less, need the discipline and control project management brings.

Agile methods took the software development industry by storm after the publication of the Agile Manifesto just over ten years ago.  Prior to this, development followed a model based on manufacturing which kept to a liner, step by step approach often called the Waterfall Model.

This fit the businesses of the time fine as most business processes kept to the manufacturing model as well.   With the emerging dominance of services and information systems as a product, however, the need for a more rapid, flexible yet still responsible approach emerged.  Agile, as a business practice, addresses these needs by;

  • Placing Value on customer Interaction
  • Being adaptable to rapid changes
  • Focuses on rapid deployment of product
  • Is a light weight framework for project management


Shirt Sleeve Solutions is a Certified Scrum Professional, a very popular flavor of Agile, and can provide training and consultation, along with no cost or low cost tools, to bring this dynamic method of project manegament to your organization and make managing your operation a breeze.


Vertical Market Software Implementation


Perhaps you are using, or intend to use, a software package common to your industry or one provided as a part of your franchise. Take advantage of Shirt Sleeve's decades of experience customizing, documenting and implementing these types of products as an integral part of your business process.

Informatation Systems Analysis



Quite often, a custom created information system gives even small businesses a huge competitive edge. But working with programmers and systems support professionals can be confusing and time consuming for the busy business person.

We have several decades of experience translating business requirements to developers and the technical aspects of development back to the business person.  This allows all parties to work most effectively on what they're good at saving time and costly errors.

Establishing a Web Presence


Congratulations!  You've made the leap and started your own  business.  Now you know you need a  good, basic, customer focused web site that will bring in customers and sell your product or service.  There are a lot of full service web designers out there you can hire to build a site from scratch but that's time consuming and expensive.


The Packaged Approach
There are also a lot of packaged services out there which will allow you to quickly put up a web presence, display your offerings, schedule your events, communicate with your customers and take orders. You can also connect with FaceBook, Twitter and other social media sites.  You can be up and running quickly.

You Don't Need Us
What's that? There are only 24 hours in your day too?  You've got a business to run?  While you're setting up a web site you're not running your business?  You recognize that web tech expertise is not your strong suit?

Well, Maybe You Do Need Us.  For one low fee of $500, we will;

  • Get our domain name registered.
  • Set up an account with GoDaddy, 1&1 or any other web hosting company. (Host fees separate.)
  • Establish email with your domain name for a fast, professional look.
  • Using your choice of host provided templates, create a web splash page with your introductory content and contact information.
  • Have you on the web quickly.


After that, we will develop a work order, based on an analysis of your needs, to design and publish;

  • An About page describing who you are and what you do.
  • Product or service pages specifically marketing our goods and / or services.
  • A calendar of events.
  • Building a client/customer list.
  • Creating a PayPal connected shopping cart.
  • Connections to appropriate social media sites.
  • Other customization as needed.


To manage all this, we will create for your company, at no additional cost, a Version 1 Team Edition account for us to work through. This is the same Agile development tool and method major corporations use for large, complex projects but scales well to small ones.

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You may also use our contact form.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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